Do bartenders have their own bar tools?

Yes, our bartenders come equipped with all bottle openers/bar keys/shakers/etc. that are required for the preparation, opening and mixing of beverages.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages?

We can provide the alcohol or simply serve the alcohol you provide – the choice is yours!

Do bartenders require proof of age?

Yes. Proof of age is required. We will not serve anyone under the age of 21 per Texas law.

Do you require a deposit?

Deposit is not required, however we do require the balance to be paid in full seven days prior the event.

How many bartenders do I need?

Based on the size, length and type of event you are having, we can help you determine the appropriate number of staff needed to keep your guests happy and satiated in a timely manner. We typically suggest one bartender for every 50 people.  This also depends on what types of beverages being served.

What do I need to provide?

If you hire us for full service, you do not need to provide anything.

What type of events does Laura’s Bartending Service serve?

We do all types of events – if you need a bartenders for a small family gathering or a large, upscale wedding, we’re available!

What do you do with unused liquor, provided by Laura’s Bartending Service?

Many bartending services keep the unused liquor and do not refund any monies spent on said liquor to the host/hostess.  Laura’s Bartending Service offers you the choice of keeping the liquor, or we will buy it back from you! We will buy back any unopened liquor/beer/wine or untapped kegs.

Why do I need a bartender if my guests are only drinking beer?

Liability – Bar Servers have the responsibility of ensuring the safe consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Let us ensure that your guests are not overserved before driving away from your event.  All of our bartenders are TABC certified and Laura’s Bartending Service is fully insured.  We follow the laws of TABC and they are non-negotiable.